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[blog post]: Field trip to Garopaba    


Back in 2010 we acquired an airborne LiDAR survey of the Garopaba Dune Field, located in southern Brazil about 45km south of Florianópolis (see it in Google Maps), as part of the research grant FAPESP #2009/17675-5. We created some nice DTMs and evaluated how the calculated volume of sand would change with different spatial resolutions of the DTM (Grohmann & Sawakuchi 2013).

Now we want to go back and create new DTM, this time using TLS and SfM-MVS. With the new models, we will be able to see if there was any change in sand volume and determine the migration rate of this dune field.

Video - Garopaba fieldwork

Garopaba Dune Field (Dunas do Siriú) by SPAMLab on Sketchfab


DTM of the Garopaba Dune Field (image created with Planlauf Terrain)



CNPq #423481/2018-5. - UAV-based high-resolution imaging in geological, geomorphological and environmental analysis.

FAPESP #2016/06628-0 - Application of high-resolution digital elevation models in geology and geomorphology.

FAPESP #2009/17675-5 - Digital terrain analysis and remote sensing applied to geomorphometric characterization of landforms.