Here we want to create high-resolution maps and DTMs of coastal areas using UAVs equipped with RGB and NIR cameras. The spectral information might help us map physical properties of the sediment, which influence meiofauna and macrofauna communities. We want to integrate UAV data with field data (granulometry, temperature, species richness etc) to make a predictive model of benthic species distribution.

This project will be developed in collaboration with Profs. Gustavo Fernandes Camargo Fonseca and Vinícius Ribau Mendes, both at the Sea Institute (IMAR) of Unifesp at Santos, and with Prof. Vincent Lecours, at the University of Florida.



CNPq #423481/2018-5. - UAV-based high-resolution imaging in geological, geomorphological and environmental analysis.



Marine Meiofauna Research Group (Unifesp Santos)

The Lecours Lab