[repository] - Github repo with RPA images, 3D meshes and point clouds
[thesis] - Camila D. Viana PhD thesis
[3D model] - A 3D model of the quarry is now available at Sketchfab!
[blog post]: “Garcia Garden” quarry - 3D modeling of a vertical wall with SfM and a UAV


In this project we used digital photogrammetry (SfM) with multiscale terrestrial and UAV images in various geological environments in order to extract brittle structures parameters (fractures and faults) of rock massifs, comparing with classic data sampling (scanlines, area sampling, circular window) assessing the limitations that may exist and proposing solutions.

Garcia Garden Quarry by SPAMLab on Sketchfab

Interactive 3D model of the outcrop (via sketchfab)


3D models of Garcia Garden Quarry (mesh / textured)



Camila Duelis Viana (PhD 2017-2021)
Camila is leading the project. She is responsible for generating the 3D models and developing the code for automatic detection of faults and fractures. As part of her PhD duties, she is also involved with supervision of undergrad students.

Fernanda A. Ferretti (undergrad 2018)
For her undergraduate degree monograph, Fernanda worked with an abandoned basalt quarry (now a city park). She used structural data obtained from the 3D models to evaluate the slope stability.



FAPESP #2016/06628-0 - Application of high-resolution digital elevation models in geology and geomorphology.