Prof. Carlos Henrique Grohmann

I'm an Associate Professor (Geotechnologies) at the Institute of Energy and Environment, University of São Paulo, Brazil. My work is focused in Digital Terrain Analysis (Geomorphometry), free software (FOSS) and Remote Sensing.

My ORCiD is 0000-0001-5073-5572. My Lattes CV is available in Portuguese or in English. The Lattes Database is a Curriculum and institutions database of Science and Technology areas in Brazil.You can find more about me at my website.




Vivian Cristina Dias (2022-??) (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Mapping and classification of watersheds affected by hydro geomorphological processes in the Serra do Mar Paulista: foundation for planning and mitigation actions.
scholarship: FAPESP grant [#2022/04233-9](
Anderson Targino da Silva Ferreira (2019-2021) (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Monitoring of microplastic (pellets) density of a sandy beach by coring, 3D modelling and meteoceanographic parameters.



PhD Students

Alynne Almeida Affonso (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - High-resolution remote sensing of igapó forests in the Xingu River, eastern Amazonia - analysis of sedimentation patterns.
Guilherme Pereira Bento Garcia (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Detection and monitoring of landslides on natural slopes from integrated application of multispectral images and high-resolution elevation models.
Helen Cristina Dias (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Analysis of manual and semi-automatic shallow landslides inventories and its suitability in predictive models.
scholarship: FAPESP grant #2019/17261-8
Márcia Valadares dos Santos (Lattes CV) - Environmental diagnostic and recovering evaluation of mining-degraded areas in the Itajaí region, Santa Catarina.
Rebeca Durço Coelho (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Study of Morphometry and Geotechnical Properties in Landslides Deflagration.



Master’s Students

Amanda Mendes de Sousa (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Monitoring landslide susceptibility: using UAVs to generate 3D models for slope stability analysis in urban areas.
Denilson de Jesus - Application of Free and Open-Source GIS tools in the Gelogical Survey of Brazil: improving quality, reducing costs and timeframes.





Former Students

Camila Duelis Viana (PhD 2017-2021) (ORCiD | Lattes CV | site/blog) - Application of multi-scale photogrammetry in structural data collection.
PDF available at the USP Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Elton Barbosa Gomes (undergrad 2018) - Stability analysis of mass movement-prone areas based on High-resolution Digital Terrain Models.
Fernanda Aparecida Ferretti (undergrad 2018) - Analysis of fractures systems in a 3D model generated by Structure-from-Motion.
Francesco Barale (undergrad 2017-2018) (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Comparative analysis of Digital Elevation Models generated by Structure-from-Motion.
Francesco Barale (undergrad 2019) (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Modelling a smal landslide at USP campus with TLS.
Gabriel Zacharias (undergrad 2018) - 3D modelling of the tourist sector of Tapagem Cave with Terrestrial Laser Scanner.
Guilherme Iolino Troncon Guerra (MSc 2017-2019) (Lattes CV) - Spectroradiometric analysis applied to gold and base-metals mineralizations characterization in the Nova Brasilândia D’Oeste (Rondônia) region.
PDF available at the USP Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Jhesika Pena Gomes de Souza Silva (undergrad 2018-2019) - Generation of Digital Elevation Models of the Peruaçu National Park with orbital imagery.
Lucas Pedrosa Soares (MSc 2020-2022) (ORCiD | Lattes CV | site/blog) - Automatic segmentation of landslide scars in remote sensing imagery with deep learning.
scholarship: FAPESP grant #2019/17555-1 PDF available at the USP Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Luiz Fernando dos Santos (MSc 2016-2020) (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Application of High-resolution Digital Terrain Models in slope stability and mass movement analysis.
PDF available at the USP Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Mariana B.B. da Silva (Lattes CV) - Analysis and Modeling of a small landslide with SfM and TLS.
Mariana dos Santos Toledo Busarello (undergrad 2017) - Structure-from-Motion based structural analysis of clastic dikes of the Corumbataí Formation.
Rafael Walter de Albuquerque (ORCiD | Lattes CV) - Remotely Piloted Aircrafts in assessment and monitoring of areas in environmental recovery process. PDF available at the USP Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Vitor Batista dos Santos (2017-2018) - Analysis and 3D modelling of landslides by terrestrial LiDAR and Structure-from-Motion.