Yannick Wurm

Strong interests in evolutionary genomics, social evolution, modern bioinformatics and genomics approaches, elegant software. [Curriculum Vitae PDF]. Some invited talks, teaching material and publications.

Anurag Priyam

BBSRC-funded creator of a tool for crowd-sourcing curation of gene predictions. From IIT Kharagphur. Created the easy BLASTing tool Sequenceserver. [Personal website] [GitHub].

Rodrigo Pracana

Queen Mary University of London funded doctoral student.

Bruno Vieira

Biologist javascript guru. BBSRC-funded developer of tool for crowd-sourcing curation of gene predictions. [Personal website] [GitHub] [Blog].

Natalia Araujo

PhD student visitor from Cristina Arias' lab at University of Sao Paolo.

Dr. Eckart Stolle

Postdoc (DAAD scholarship) interested in the mechanisms underlying evolution of genes, gene networks, behavior, castes and sociality. [Personal website] [Google Scholar] [ORCID].

Kishor Dhaygude

Helsinki team ANTZZ-based occasional visitor to the lab.

Monica Dragan

Zurich-based NESCent Google Summer of Code 2013 student originally from Politehnica University of Bucharest. Developing GeneValidator a tool to identify problematic gene predictions. [Development Blog].

Undergraduate project Students

  • Elena Shanti Franchina
  • Nazrath Nawaz
  • Hasan Al-Saidi
  • Ismail Moghul (2013)
  • Gideon Pomeranz (2013)