UAV-based high-resolution imaging in geological, geomorphological and environmental analysis.
period: 2017-2019
funding: CNPq 423481/2018-5
PI: Carlos H. Grohmann
Collabs: The Lecours Lab (Un. Florida), Marine Meiofauna Research Group (Unifesp Santos), Geology Lab of the School of Technology (Unicamp), Institute for Technological Research (IPT-SP)

Applications of Structure-from-Motion and Terrestrial LiDAR in Geology and Geomorphology.
period: 2017-2019
funding: CNPq 304413/2018-6
PI: Carlos H. Grohmann

Topographic construction along the northeastern Andes and the origin of the Transcontinental Amazon Basin.
period: 2019-2024
funding: FAPESP (2018/15613-1)
PI: Mauricio Parra Amézquita, IEE-USP

PIRE: climate research education in the Americas using tree-ring speleothem examples (PIRE-CREATE).
period: 2017-2022
funding: FAPESP (2017/50085-3 )
PIs: Francisco William da Cruz Junior, IGc-USP + Mathias Vuille, UAlbany
Collab: Karstic Systems Lab (IGc-USP)

Dimensions US-BIOTA São Paulo: a multidisciplinary framework for biodiversity prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic forest hotspot.
period: 2017-2019
funding: FAPESP (2013/50297-0)
PIs: Cristina Miyaky, IB-USP + Ana Carolina Carnaval, CUNY



Application of high-resolution digital elevation models in geology and geomorphology.
period: 2017-2019
funding: FAPESP (2016/06628-0)
PI: Carlos H. Grohmann
Collabs: Geology Lab of the School of Technology (Unicamp), Ecosystem Dynamics Observatory (UNESP)

Quantitative approaches for big river deposits: integrated field geology and 3D photogrammetric models.
period: 2017-2019
funding: FAPESP (2016/19736-5)
PI: Bernardo Tavares Freitas, Unicamp

Dimensions US-BIOTA-Sao Paulo: Structure and evolution of the Amazonian biota and its environment: an integrative approach.
period: 2012-2018
funding: FAPESP (2012/50260-6)
PIs: Lucia Lohmann, IB-USP + Joel Cracraft, AMNH

Digital terrain analysis and remote sensing applied to geomorphometric characterization of landforms
funding: FAPESP (2009/17675-5)
PI: Carlos H. Grohmann